The Physical Causes Of Impotence

Impotence Is A Result Of Another Condition When the topic of impotence is brought up by virile young men, they laugh at the notion of it ever happening to them. Yet it is a condition that can be brought on or worsened due to a large number of reasons. The mind can play a part though this is only responsible for 10-20% of cases. In actual fact, impotence is not an illness but a symptom. Acne is often mistaken as an illness when it is a symptom of underlying problems. Impotence is exactly the same. While Viagra and Revatio are popular choices when it comes to dealing with the issue of impotence, it is necessary to see what the physical problems could be and how they can be treated. High Blood Pressure There are a number of physical problems that could end up leading to impotence. For example, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels lead to increased levels of impotence. Though there is currently no definite medical research which proves the reason, it is believed that excess pressure in the blood vessels causes damage to small arteries in the penis. Normally, the arteries should dilate upon sexual stimulation which allows blood to flow into the penis causing an erection. The rate of impotence amongst men suffering from hypertension is more than double that of a man with normal blood pressure levels. If impotence is caused in an individual due to high blood pressure, lowering it to more acceptable levels should work wonders. Obesity Obesity is also cited as a major cause of impotence. A recent survey in Italy found that impotence in obese men is 30% greater than in men who were in the desired weight range. It was also discovered that 80% of men who suffer from impotence were obese. The Italian research team took two groups of obese men and placed one of them on a exercise regime and diet. More than 30% of the group who improved their diet and fitness level had successfully battled impotence whereas a tiny percentage of the obese group achieved the same result. Obesity clogs the arteries and inhibits blood flow to the penis. Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is yet another illness with can have a severe impact on a person’s health. This is a disease which can affect any part of a person’s nervous system. It can lead to a marked slowdown in arousal as well as a loss of sexual desire. Multiple sclerosis can also cause impotence through psychological means because of the depression the illness causes. It is also a fact that medication taken to fight the ravages of the disease could also negatively affect sexual drive. Strokes Men who suffer strokes also report incidences of impotence. Stroke sufferers continually report a major loss of sexual desire with weak erections a common issue. Those who suffer from this problem after a stroke should contact a doctor who will be able to prescribe medication such as Sildenafil Citrate which is known to greatly assist those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The most important thing for stroke victims to remember is that their impotence is not necessarily a permanent condition. In fact, as their confidence returns, it is likely they will be able to enjoy an active sex life. Seeking Treatment As you can plainly see, impotence often comes as a result of an illness. This means that it is sometimes unavoidable and is not a sign of a man somehow being less ‘masculine’. If you feel that an existing medical problem could be causing impotence, contact your doctor to find out if medication such as Viagra should be taken to combat the problem and help you enjoy a better sex life.