Managing erectile dysfunction from prostate cancer treatment

The problem with erections can have a very negative emotional impact on a man. A person can feel anger, frustration, sadness, or a lack of confidence. Nowadays there are safe and effective treatment options for ED, still some disorders such as prostate cancer and especially treatments for it may enlarge your risk for temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction.

After the treatment of prostate cancer approximately 10% of patients become impotent. However, in case you didn’t have ED before prostate cancer treatment you have more chances of being able to achieve erections afterwards than those who had ED.

The normal erection process involves flowing of extra blood into the penis. After the treatment of prostate cancer this process may no longer function properly. During the treatment the damage may be done to the veins or nerve pathways to the penis, and a normal erection process becomes impossible. ED occurs very frequently in patients who have undergone prostate surgery, radiation therapy and cryotherapy. Other treatment option of prostate cancer may include hormone therapy, which influences the sexual desire, but it does not cause ED.

ED has an impact on both men and women. So some sexual partners seek treatment together, while some men are reluctant to share the problem with their partners. However, the treatment may be more effective when both partners are involved in the process, communicate and support each other.

For men who are not able to have an erection it does not mean that they can’t enjoy sex and experience orgasm. Men with ED after prostate cancer treatment still have sexual desire and can perform well in bed if treated properly. There are treatment options available, including ED oral medications such as Viagra, penile injections, vacuum devices, penile implants and many other treatment methods. Before starting any treatment consult your doctor to ensure that this method is right and safe for you. Besides you should not be stressed or feel any fear, you are not alone with your problem, keep a positive attitude and this will help you to restore your sexual life and enjoy it.